Agricultural Extension and Communication – LEA Reviewer (Set 1)

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    The presence of roads linking agriculture and fisheries production sites, coastal landing points post-harvest facilities to the market and arterial roads and highway is termed

    • Headoworks
    • Farm to Market Roads
    • Access roads
    • Road network
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    This refers to the minimum income required to a family/individual to meet the basic food and non food requirements.

    • Poverty incidence
    • Subsistence incidence c. Poverty threshold d. Food threshold
    • Poverty threshold
    • Food threshold
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    A new modality of information and technology delivery service spearheaded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) which aims to improve access of farmers and stakeholders to information and technologies in agriculture and natural resources is

    • Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS)
    • Knowledge Networking Towards Enterprising Communities (K-Agrinet)
    • Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture (OPAPA)
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    This occurs when nature’s resources (such as trees, habitat, earth, water and air) are being consumed faster than nature can replenish them

    • Environmental equilibrium
    • Environmental Degradation
    • Environmental Erosion
    • Environmental renewal
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    As defined in the AFMA, it refers to the ability to compete in terms of price, quality and volume of agriculture and fishery products relative to those of others countries

    • Global Market
    • Competitive advantage
    • Global competitiveness
    • Marketing Efficiency
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    There are ________ regions in the Philippines as of 2019.

    • 15
    • 18
    • 15
    • 17
    • 18
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    Lowland irrigated, lowland rain feed, and upland hilly, mountains and coastal areas are examples of

    • Ecological Zones
    • Cultural Zones
    • Agricultural Lands
    • Buffers Zones
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    The Philippines is increasingly using ICT to enhance extension services in the country. ICT stands for

    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Instruction and Communication Techniques
    • Information, Communication and Transportation
    • Information, Communication and Training
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    The extension worker’s task of filling the needs of what is perceived lacking among clients groups correspondents to the concept of

    • Rural Vacuum Theory
    • Social relationship theory
    • Diffusion-Adoption Theory
    • Information Theory
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    Extension as non-formal education has

    • Fixed Course/Curriculum
    • Advanced Course/Curriculum
    • No Fixed Course/Curriculum
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    All forms of extension takes education to the

    • Rural People
    • Urban People
    • Foreign People
    • Rurban People
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    It can be equated with learning regardless of where, how or when the learning occurs

    • Technology Transfer
    • Dissemination
    • Extension
    • Education
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    Which of the following best describes what extension is?

    • A services or a system that extends the educational benefits to people unable to avail of formal education.
    • highly institutionalized, chronologically graded and hierarchal structured education system
    • Continuous process of bringing desirable changes in people behavior using various methods and sources.
    • lifelong process of acquiring and accumulating knowledge, skills, attitudes from experiences and exposure to environment
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    It refers to the general principles of a field of knowledge

    • Mission
    • Philosophy
    • Knowledge
    • Science
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    A statement of ideal and desired future

    • Philosophy
    • Excellence
    • Vision
    • Mission
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    Empowerment means

    • Providing people with knowledge and skills for knowledge sake
    • Providing people with knowledge and skills to capacitate them so they can respond to their needs and problems.
    • Providing opportunity to people to exploit others
    • providing opportunities for people mobilization towards development.
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    A person pinpointed and accepted by community members as their authority who can help them bring about change in their community is

    • Local Leader
    • Opinion Leader
    • Group Leader
    • Tour Leader
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    This characteristic of an extension workers enables him to provide the latest developments in agriculture and related fields and apply them in the practical manner

    • Resourcefulness
    • Faith in Agriculture
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Leadership
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    When an extension worker teaches without coercion or compulsion and he is applying the principle of

    • Participation
    • Cooperation
    • Voluntary Education
    • Self-help
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    Knowledge and skills of and use appropriate combination of teaching methods by extension worker satisfies the principle of

    • Trained Specialist
    • Communication
    • Use of Extension teaching methods
    • Learning by doing
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    When an extension worker gives recognition and rewards to his clientele for their efforts and accomplishment, his applying the principle of

    • Participation
    • Satisfaction
    • Leadership
    • Cooperation
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    The ultimate measure of extension success is

    • Number of technologies disseminated
    • Measurable changes in the behavior of clients
    • Number of farm visits done
    • Number of technology training conducted
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    The clientele of extension is

    • Youth
    • Adults
    • Youth and Adults
    • Farmers
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    The meaning of rapport is this

    • Good Rural Worker
    • Good Clientele
    • Good Teaching
    • Good Working Relationship
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    This is not a character of a credible extension worker

    • Believable
    • Acceptable
    • Competent
    • Irresponsible
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    The ability to make decisions that achieve goals in the most efficient manner is

    • Managerial Skills
    • Psychomotor skills
    • Manipulative Skill
    • Planning Skill
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    This means being concerned with other people or giving the best in oneself in helping others

    • Cooperation
    • Commitment
    • Competitiveness
    • Complementation
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    Is the art and process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically to achieve organizational goals.

    • Team Building
    • Planning
    • Management
    • Leadership
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    When communication is used by field workers in bringing new ideas to the farmers and other rural clients, it is called

    • Agricultural Extension
    • Agricultural Education
    • Development Communication
    • Mass Communication
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    It is an enlightened viewpoint toward teaching technology promotion

    • Process
    • Approach
    • Theory
    • Technique
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    This approach in extension provides opportunity to project beneficiaries to be involve in all stages of program/project development

    • Mass Approach
    • Participatory Approach
    • Integrated Approach
    • Community approach
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    When an extension worker adjust to the culture of the people, he is applying the principle of

    • cultural change
    • interest and needs
    • individual differences
    • cultural differences
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    Employing a variety of methods in extension works is a manifestation of the principle of

    • voluntary education
    • leadership
    • use of extension
    • interest and needs
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    A basic extension principle is exemplified in the statement “ People learn by ______”

    • doing
    • serving
    • leading
    • teaching
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    this refers to the provision of training, information and support services by the government and non government organization to agriculture and fisheries sectors to improve technical, business and social capabilities of farmers and fisher folks.

    • development support communication
    • extension services
    • technical assistant
    • support services
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    The decentralization of authority to local units to manage and supervise agricultural extension system in the Philippines is in shrine in this law

    • Republic Act 6071
    • Republic act 7160
    • Republic Act 1760
    • Republic Act 7610
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    The coming of this group to the Philippines during the 20th century started a serious attempt to extend agricultural services in the country

    • Americans
    • Spaniards
    • Japanese
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    This refers to the specific cultural techniques in the management/production of crops, livestock, fishery and forestry

    • Technology
    • Management Techniques
    • Package of Techniques
    • Components technology
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    The Technology Development Process, when promoters of technologies can use varied approaches and methods in bringing technologies to end-users

    • Technology Dissemination
    • Technology Adaptation
    • Technology Commercialization
    • Technology Generation
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    It is defined as the body of tools, Machines, materials, techniques and processes used to produce goods and services

    • Product
    • Technology
    • Service
    • Information
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    The stage in the adoption process wherein the person tries and experiments in small scale the new technology after weighing the advantages and risk is

    • Evaluation
    • Trial
    • Awareness
    • Interest
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    This type of adapter is the first in his group or community to adopt a new idea or practice

    • Early adopter
    • Early Majority
    • Innovator
    • Component Technolog
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    This extension teaching method lacks the personal of face to face contact between the extension worker and clientele as it uses an intermediary device to transmit or disseminate information

    • Telephone call
    • Method Demonstration
    • Office call
    • Field Day
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    Communication comes from the word “Communis” which mean common in

    • Latin
    • French
    • Greek
    • Old English
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    When the individual interacts with various publics through the mass media such as TV, Radio and the like, he or she is engaged in this level of communication

    • Participatory communication
    • Organizational Communication
    • nterpersonal communication
    • Mass communication
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    In communication skills, writing, thinking, refers to the ____________ of the sender or message source

    • Encoding skills
    • Reviewing Skills
    • Decoding skills
    • Conversational skills
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    The particular communication skills of the receiver such as listening, reading and inferring refers to their

    • Detonating skills
    • Decoding skills
    • Encoding skills
    • Conversational skills
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    The stage in the adoption process which shows that the person is attracted to the idea or technology is

    • Trial
    • Interest
    • Evaluation
    • Awareness
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    When among the following methods can bring about better understanding of messages?

    • Radio
    • Newspaper
    • Leaflet
    • Discussion group
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    This is a teaching aid or tool used by extension workers of teachers to facilitate instruction

    • Method
    • Technique
    • Device
    • Instructional materials

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