Agriculture Licensure Exam Previous Questions and Answers (Part 1)

This LEA Reviewer is the first part of our compilation of questions and answers from previous Agriculture Board Exams.

You can find more on our Agriculture Licensure Exam reviewers compilation page.

  • Question of

    What is the top agricultural export commodity of the Philippines?

    • Coconut water
    • Pineapple
    • Banana
    • Coconut oil
  • Question of

    Two piggery farms are opposite each other separated only by a small street. To prevent the entry and transfer of disease causing microorganism from one piggery farm to another, what is the primary action that the farm owners should consider?

    • Foot bath at the entrance of the farm
    • Quarantine
    • Sanitation
    • Planting of windbreaks
  • Question of

    A farmer attended a seminar on rice IPM. The extension worker uses powerpoint presentation in the said seminar. How many day/s can the farmer remember the content/ information in the powerpoint presentations?

    • 1 day only
    • 3 days
    • 5 days
    • 1 week
  • Question of

    The integrated approach believes on the principle of _________.

    • Complementation
    • Competition
    • Democracy
    • Autonomy
  • Question of

    Cooperative Movement started in

    • Cambridge
    • United States
    • Rothdale Institute
    • Bangladesh
  • Question of

    What do you call the watery portion of the milk?

    • Whey
    • Water
    • Cassein
    • Milk cream
  • Question of

    According to the Solid Waste Management Act or RA 9003, it is mandated that every Barangay should have_______for the segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.

    • Sewerage Plant
    • Land Fill
    • Waste segregation plant
    • MRF
    • Waste segregation plant
  • Question of

    Which of the following stemborers does not belong to the same family?

    • Chilo suppresalis
    • Scirpophaga incertulas
    • Sesamia inferens
    • Scirpophaga innotata
  • Question of

    Among the five senses, the most important are_______

    • Touch and sight
    • Touch and smell
    • Sight and hearing
    • Smell and sight
  • Question of

    Which does not belong to the group of words?

    • Ammonium sulfate
    • Urea
    • Ammonium chloride
    • Ammonium nitrate
  • Question of

    The first banana company in the Philippines to obtained an ISO certification is________

    • Del Monte
    • Dole
    • Lapanday
    • DAVCO
  • Question of

    It is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment of some resource.

    • Bonds
    • Return of Investments
    • Capitalizations
    • Stocks
  • Question of

    To produce 1 kilogram of rice, how many litres does the rice plant needed in its lifetime?

    • 4,000 L
    • 5,000 L
    • 6,000L
    • 7,000 L
  • Question of

    Pulverized seeds of atis is effective against what inset pests?

    • Cockroaches
    • Aphids
    • Mosquitoes
    • GLH
  • Question of

    What fruit produces hollow sounds when thumped, indicating its maturity

    • Citrullus lunatus
    • Sechum edule
    • Cucurbita mxima
    • Cucumis sativus
  • Question of

    In 1982, as the province was designated as the political unit of management for inducing agricultural development, coordination and supervision of operations of the various agencies involved in the delivery of agricultural service become the responsibility of the_______

    • Mayor
    • Provincial Governor
    • Provincial Agriculturist
    • Sanguniang Panglalawigan
  • Question of

    Who developed the mutant Makapuno hybrid?

    • Ramon Barba
    • Lilia Patena
    • Emerita de Guzman
    • Claire Baltazar
  • Question of

    White tag shall be attached to the bag of______

    • Breeder seed
    • Foundation seed
    • Registered seed
    • Certified seed
  • Question of

    Tillers in rice is_________

    • Leaves
    • Stem
    • Roots
    • Flowers
  • Question of

    What province is the top producer of Abaca?

    • Catanduanes
    • Leyte
    • Northern Samar
    • Ilocos Sur
  • Question of

    A Term created to describe a situation of simulatenous economic stagnation, high unemployment and inflation is _____

    • Deflation
    • Inflation
    • Depression
    • Stagnation
  • Question of

    What is the gestation period of cattles?

    • 150 days
    • 250 days
    • 280 days
    • 300 days
  • Question of

    If you are new in a particular area and you wish to venture in farming / agribusiness. What is your primary consideration in putting up an agribusiness venture?

    • Weather and climate
    • Availability of cheap labor
    • Market
    • Peace and order
  • Question of

    Who can dissolve the FPA ( Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority)

    • President
    • Senate
    • Congress
    • Any of the choices
  • Question of

    Pasteurella multocida causes what disease in ruminants and the disease is characterized by the escape of blood from the vessels and generalized presence of pathogenic bacteria and the associated poison in the blood.

    • Coccidiosis
    • Mange
    • Surra
    • Hemorrhagic septicaemia
  • Question of

    The association of fungi and the roots of the plants is _______

    • Lichens
    • Rizosphere
  • Question of

    The dominant basic cation in agricultural soil is______

    • Sodium (Na)
    • Potassium (K)
    • Manganese (Mn)
    • Calcium (Ca)
  • Question of

    Method of artificial plant propagation when rootstock and scion are made to unite while both of them are still growing on their own roots.

    • Marcotting
    • Inarching
    • Grafting
    • Layering
  • Question of

    This is the BEST method of extension teaching?

    • Demonstration
    • Field Trip
    • Farm and Home Visit
    • A variety of methods
  • Question of

    What breed of swine is also known as “ THE BELT”

    • Berkshire
    • Pietrain
    • Yorkshire
    • Hampshire
  • Question of

    What province is the top produced of durian?

    • Basilan
    • Davao del Norte
    • Compostela Valley
    • Davao City
  • Question of

    What is the scientific name of makopa?

    • Punica granatum
    • Passiflora edulis
    • Syzgium samarangense
    • Diospyros discolor
  • Question of

    What is the floor space requirement of a 15 kg pig in (m2)

    • .27
    • .46
    • .54
    • .72
  • Question of

    The most effective desiccant for seed storage and therefore requires smallest amount

    • Lime
    • Charcoal
    • Silica gel
    • Wood ash
  • Question of

    Which of the following breeds of buffalo produces 5-7 kg of milk per day?

    • Thai Buffalo
    • Philippine Buffalo
    • Murrah
    • Surti
  • Question of

    Alate insects are__________

    • Wingless
    • Immature
    • Predatory
    • Hexapods
  • Question of

    Trichoderma is a ___________

    • Parasitoid
    • Bacteria
    • Fungi
    • Namatode
  • Question of

    Which structure NOT found in the thorax?

    • Spiracles
    • Legs
    • Wings
    • Tarsus
  • Question of

    Which of the following does not belong to the group? SPANISHFLY, HOUSEFLY, COPRA BETTLE, COCONUT BEETLE

  • Question of

    A properly dried seed can be stored for longer duration with high germination using this container.

    • Paper bags
    • Sealed tin cans
    • Jute sack
    • Plastic sack
  • Question of

    If there is a drought, the supply curve will_____

    • Shift to the left
    • Shift to the right
    • Stays the same
    • Will be eratic
  • Question of

    Which microorganisms causes tetanus?

    • Leptospirosis
    • Bacillus
    • Clostridium
    • Trypanosoma
  • Question of

    What is the difference between TR and TC?

    • Profit
    • Marginal Cost
    • Variable Cost
    • Mark-Up
  • Question of

    How many kilos of hybrid rice is needed in one hectare?

    • 20 kilos
    • 30 kilos
    • 40 kilos
    • 50 kilos
  • Question of

    Which of the following insects are wingless?

    • Damselflies
    • Termites
    • Leafhoppers
    • Silverfish
  • Question of

    What region is the major producer of mango?

    • locos Region
    • Central Luzon
    • Western Visayas
    • CARAGA
  • Question of

    Which theory that refers to an extrinsic random variable, that is, a random variable that does not directly affect economic fundamentals (such as endowments, preferences, or technology).

    • Development Economics Theory
    • Ergonomics and Econometric Theory
    • Sunspot Theory
    • Love Generation Theory
  • Question of

    The following can be used as a cover crops except?

    • Rye
    • Kudzo
    • Sundagrass
    • Centrosema
  • Question of

    Which of the following is a nut?

    • Coconut
    • Peanut
    • Pilinut
    • Cashew nut
  • Question of

    What breed of dairy cattle is suitable to Philippine condition?

    • Murrah
    • Jersey
    • Brahman
    • Sahiwal

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