Crop Protection Reviewer – Agriculture Board Exam (Set 3)

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    All are rice stem borers color, except

    • Stripped
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Pink / white
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    Diamond back moth is scientifically name as

    • Plutella xylostella
    • Crocidolonia pavonana
    • Spodoptera litura
    • Aulacophora indica
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    Used in testing seeds ,planting materials ,cutting and grafts for the presence of viruses and bacteria as practical application of biotechnology in plant protection is called

    • Monoclonal antibodies
    • In vitro- regeneration
    • Transgenic plant resistant to virus infection
    • Transgenic plants possessing insect resistance
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    A method of insect pest control by barring ,avoiding and killing the insects

    • Cultural control
    • Host plant resistance
    • Mechanical/physical control
    • Chemical control
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    The second main body region of an insect is called

    • Head
    • Wings
    • Thorax
    • Abdomen
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    These two sensory parts of an insect is located in front of head is called

    • Compound eyes
    • Ears
    • Antennae
    • Ocelli
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    All are methods of plant disease control that belong to cultural methods, except

    • Crop rotation
    • Heat treatment
    • Fallowing
    • Tissue culture
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    A modified above-ground stem creeping and rooting is called

    • Runner
    • Rhizome
    • Stolon
    • Tuber
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    The Philippine Field Rat is the most widely distributed and most destructive of the rat species in the Philippines is scientifically name as

    • Rattus exulan
    • Rattus argentiventer
    • Rattus norwegicus
    • Rattus rattus mindanensis
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    A mechanical means of controlling rats is

    • Reducing food resources
    • Crop trapping
    • Blanket (grasstrap)
    • Crop trapping and blanket (grasstrap)
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    All are agents of weed dispersal, except

    • Wind / water
    • Animals/man
    • Microorganism
    • Explosive mechanism of weeds
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    Bt corn is resistant to

    • White grub
    • Asiatic corn borer
    • Corn earworms
    • Corn semi-looper
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    The heritable capacity of the plant species to withstand the onslaught (fierce attack)of a would be pest (insect)

    • Horizontal resistance
    • Vertical resistance
    • Varietal resistance
    • Eradicative resistance
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    The insect abdomen bears most of breathing organ is called

    • Spiracles
    • Nose
    • Mouth
    • Fable
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    An examples of protective clothing or gear that will minimize inhalation of a pesticide is

    • Respirator
    • Boots
    • Gloves
    • Cover alls
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    Which herbicides family inhibits photosynthesis?

    • Acetanilines
    • Dinitroanilines
    • Phenoxys
    • Triazines
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    An example of botanical insecticides is

    • 2-4-D
    • Rotenone
    • Diazinon
    • Sulfur
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    The signal word for a highly toxic pesticide is called

    • None of the choices
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    A principles of plant disease control which involves the prevention of infection by putting a barrier(chemical)between the pathogen and the host

    • Exclusion
    • Protection
    • Eradication
    • Immunization
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    All are characteristics of noxious weeds , except

    • Rapid vegetative growth and profuse root production
    • Reproduce early and efficiently
    • Reduce land value
    • Resistance to herbicide/ adapted to competition
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    The positive effects of weeds are ,except

    • Reduce soil erosion in hilly areas
    • Increase cost of production
    • Food for animals and human
    • Prevents leaching of nutrient and return them to the soil
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    The inability of the seed or any vegetative organ or tissue to germinate under favorable condition

    • Inhibition
    • Imbibition
    • Dormancy
    • Longevity
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    All are steps of weed germination ,except

    • Imbibition
    • Period of rapid metabolic activity
    • Root or root-like elongation phase
    • Adaptation to growing conditions
  • Question of

    The golden snails prefers to infest rice on its

    • Seedling / early vegetative stage
    • Seedling /late vegetative stage
    • Middle and last vegetative growth stage
    • Steady growth stage
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    Cats , hawks ,owls and snakes are methods of rat control called

    • Environmental manipulation
    • Mechanical means
    • Chemical means
    • Biological method
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    Predators ,includes organisms that feed on several prey (pest)to complete their life cycle are , except

    • Coccinellid beetles
    • Brown lacewings
    • Wolf spider
    • Trichogramma evanescence
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    A fungus that infects rhinoceros beetle grubs of pest coconut is

    • Bacillus thuringiensis
    • Pseudoannulata igorotus
    • Xanthopimpla stemmator
    • Metarrhizium anisopliae
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    All are factors influencing asexual reproduction, except

    • Soil texture
    • Day length
    • Light intensity
    • Water
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    To complete their life cycle , a perennial weeds require

    • 1 year
    • more than a year to two
    • More than two year
    • More than 3 years
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    This is the copying of other species for protection by which a palatable resemble the appearance of a distasteful or poisonous species is called

    • Mullerian mimicry
    • Batesian mimicry
    • Wasmannian mimicry
    • None of the choices
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    The most devastating virus diseases of Philippine crop are, except

    • Tungro disease of rice
    • Tristeza disease of citrus
    • Abaca mosaic
    • Stalk rot of corn
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    The first Filipino Entomology instructor @ UPLB and first Filipino to obtain doctoral degree in Entomology

    • Cendana
    • Viado
    • Uichanco
    • Rimando
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    The important principles behind the IPM are , except

    • Allow pest population to exist below ETL (Economic Threshold Evel)
    • Understand that an ecosystem is a management unit
    • Maximize the use of chemical methods of pest control
    • May produce undesirable or unexpected effect
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    A rodenticide which cause death of rats after ingestion is called

    • Slow acting poisons
    • Fumigants
    • Acute poisons
    • Chemotherapeutic
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    Means suppressing a given species of weeds from contaminating an area

    • Prevention
    • Eradication
    • Control
    • Physical or mechanical methods
  • Question of

    A pesticide with a color of blue band is

    • Insecticide
    • Fungicide
    • Herbicide
    • Rodenticide
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    A weed control which involves environmental manipulation to reduce the weed population

    • Preventive
    • Biological
    • physical or mechanical methods
    • Managerial or cultural methods
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    This is the third insect body region and the largest part used for reproduction since it bears the genetalia

    • Mesothorax
    • Thorax
    • Abdomen
    • Prothorax
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    Bees ,wasps and ants belong to Order Hymenoptera with a mouthpart adapted for gathering nectar (liquid)and for cutting solids

    • Rasping – sucking
    • Chewing – lapping
    • Chewing
    • Piercing –sucking
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    An insect life intervening stage is called

    • Egg
    • Larvae
    • Pupa
    • Imago
  • Question of

    The actual appearance of the insect after molting

    • Instar
    • Stadium
    • Imago
    • Ecdysis
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    When a larva is capable or reproduction ,they are called

    • Bisexual reproduction
    • Parthenogenesis reproduction
    • Paedogenesis reproduction
    • Oviparity reproduction
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    This insect life stages having fully developed and functional reproductive organs and associated mating or egg-laying structure

    • Nymph
    • Larva
    • Instar
    • Imago
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    An insect food habits which refer to the feeding on dead organic matter

    • Saprophagous
    • Phytophagous
    • Zoophagous
    • Entomologous
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    The three most conspicuous elements of insect mouthparts are , expect:

    • Mandible
    • Maxillae
    • Labrum
    • Moniliform
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    The sum total of all external conditions which may act upon an individual insect.These conditions are living and non living is called

    • Ecosystem
    • Agro-ecosystem
    • Environment
    • Habitat
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    An insect feeding habit by which an insect derive nutrition from other organisms/ insect without killing them is called

    • Predators
    • Scavengers
    • Parasites
    • Herbivores
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    An insect natural enemy that feed on several prey(pest)to complete their life cycle is called

    • Parasitoids
    • Predators
    • Pathogens
    • Scavenger
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    The positive effects of weeds are, except

    • Provide germplasm for crop improvement
    • Provide habitat for insect predators
    • Exude chemicals that are harmful to other plants
    • Sources of possible pesticides
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    A weed with a long narrow leaves , parallel veins ; round hollow stem and leaves are aligned up and down the stem in two rows is called

    • Grass
    • Sedges
    • Broadleaves
    • Herbaceous

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